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Vigo is a long-established and highly respected Devon-based company that supplies equipment, consumables and services for drink producers across the UK. Their range extends from apple juice and cider making equipment, to winery equipment, brewery equipment, and equipment for the processing and bottling of many other drinks. They employ a team of skilled engineers working from their own workshops, who provide technical support and backup including maintenance and spare parts services.



Vigo required a fresh new brand identity that reflected both it's position as leader in the sector and that appealed to its diverse target markets - from small independent producers, to large-scale brewers and cider makers who's own businesses had grown and developed along side Vigo's over many years. The development of a range of distinctive icons, provides Vigo with a 'dynamic' identity that can be easliy tailored to suit its diverse markets, whilst at the same time retaining a cohesive brand image.