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Space are a specialist firm of commercial chartered surveyors. They are the only firm in Exeter and the West Country who work exclusively with tenants and occupiers - not landlords. As they are not beholden to powerful commercial property owners they are able to secure the best commercial property deals possible. Owner Tim Wadsworth, was keen to develop marketing materials that reflected their company's unique business and charged us with creating something different. 


The idea of using a fold-out cross shape came out of team discussions about how best to utilise space - seemingly getting more, out of less.The result was a distinctive and memorable suite of materials. The larger cross forms a neat folder into which regularly updated case studies can be inserted. As business owners wouldn't be likely to be moving premises on a regular basis, one of the key challenges was to encourage them to hold onto the material until they needed it - the innovative fold seems to have done the trick.

We have been very impressed with Toucan’s business like approach and their design flair. The new materials were designed and delivered on time and we have been handing out our new cards and getting great comments. We have worked with many design agencies over the years and it is rare to find Toucan’s winning combination of attention-grabbing design ideas and professional delivery. We hope to continue using them for years to come.

Tim Wadsworth - Director, Space

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