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Rowcroft Hospice serves the people of South Devon by providing specialist care to patients with progressive, life limiting illnesses.They're not just about beds and cancer and last days; they’re about living life, family, friends and community.


The brand is innovative. It is more than a symbol; it provides a platform from which to tell a story. It enables Rowcroft to be ‘loud and proud’ about what they do; to dispel myths about the work of hospices. It embodies them as colourful, cheerful, about living life, about family, friends and community.

“We particularly appreciated the personalised approach by Toucan, taking time to get to know who and what we were before anything else - we were not simply the meat in a sausage making process. Toucan became part of our team and us theirs, and as a result of this mutual ownership the outcome felt genuinely as important to Toucan as it was to us.”

Giles Charnaud
 – Chief Executive

In 2011 the decision was taken to rebrand the hospice and launch a vibrant new awareness campaign. Research findings concluded that whilst they have some great supporters there were a significant number of people within the community who were unaware of the services they provide.
Chief executive Giles Charnaud explains "The decision to rebrand was taken because the recession was forcing charities to evolve and become much more business-like in order to continue their success."

The Process

Brand workshops were held with representatives taken from across the organisation in order to:

  • Define and agree key brand values
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Review the existing brand collateral
  • Review the ‘tone’ of existing messaging
  • Define the type of words Rowcroft wants to use in the future
  • Formulate and agree a ‘mission statement’

Notes from each of the brand workshops were circulated to all staff, and made available to volunteers, by the CEO. A smaller group worked to oversee the development of a new visual identity. As the design was progressed the CEO held open sessions with staff and volunteers to gain feedback on the designs, which were incorporated before the design being officially approved by the Trustees.

The Outcomes

The re-brand of Rowcroft Hospice is ground breaking within the sector. Hospices have traditionally linked their identity to soft images and seemingly safe or saccharin straplines. The new identity is contemporary, dynamic, bold and brave; it has multiple meanings which are open to personal interpretation. The circles could represent the types of care they deliver, or the care setting, or simply the local geography in the sea, sand and heather of the moors. The inner ring is the patient, always central and upper most. The newly developed strapline ‘taking care further’ embodies the hospice's purpose. It says what they do, it is honest and achievable; it is simple, non-sugary yet defines a passionate commitment to taking care. It also has the ability to have multiple meanings and depth.

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