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Harbour Waiting Room - Isles of Scilly


Duchy of Cornwall


Branded Interiors


The harbourside waiting room at St Mary's on the Isles of Scilly is owned and managed by the Duchy of Cornwall. This historic building was refurbished as part of an ongoing programme of works by the Duchy and, early in 2017, a decision was made to decorate the internal space with eye-catching graphics that would highlight the diversity of this unique group of islands - including its arts and culture, its varied flora and fauna, and the wide range of activities and attractions that are available to its many visitors.


We spent time talking to a number key Island stakeholders including: the Duchy of Cornwall; the Wildlife Trust; the Island Partnership and the Museum. We used our time on St Mary's to get a feel for the place and the interior space that would hold the graphic resolves. The information we gathered was used to develop a conceptual approach that cleverly interwove the various Island 'stories' into an interesting, eye-catching and informative mural. The graphics measure a total of over 27 metres in length and cover all four waiting room walls.

Photography courtesy of Tresco Island/Rob Besant

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