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The University of Exeter's Business School is a highly successful and popular study destination that draws both undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the globe. Given the Business School’s high proportion of international students it is especially beneficial for them to have a strong online presence.


The 'Build A Degree' web-based tool allows students to select the area of study they are pursuing, and through a series of straight-forward steps, giving them the opportunity to examine all the modules available and enabling them to build a degree programme entirely tailored to their needs and personal interests.

For first year undergraduates, selecting optional modules is one of the first interactions that they have with the Business School after accepting the offer of a place. The School wanted to ensure that this experience was not only positive, but also supportive and productive and realised that they needed an online tool to help students feel more supported in their choices and better informed about their options. Matching students with the right modules as early as possible significantly reduces wasted teaching time, which has a positive impact for both students, academics and administrative support staff.

The project had two major problems to overcome. Firstly it had to work from a user perspectve – the tool had to be intuitive, easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Secondly, the back-end coding and complex programming logic had to be organised and displayed in such a way that university administrators could make easy in-house updates.

This is a global first. It is currently the only online tool of its kind in existence. There are plans to roll it out across the University's other schools and a series of phased developments are already being planned and discussed.

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