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Dartmoor - a Wild & Wondrous Region


Royal Albert Memorial Museum


Exhibition Design


During the latter part of 2017 and the early months of 2018 the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) in Exeter put on an art exhibition that celebrated the dramatic and picturesque landscapes of Dartmoor. The exhibtion entitled Dartmoor: a Wild and Wondrous Region shone a light on a landscape that has inspired generations of artists. Our role was not only to help plan the exhibition alongside RAMM's curators, but also to design and produce all the interpretative graphics, captions and gallery notices. In addition to this, promotional materials including posters, leaflets, private view invitations and banners were all designed along with an accompanying exhibition book written by local historian Peter F. Mason.


Dartmoor was transformed by the imaginations of artists such as J. M. W. Turner, Thomas Rowlandson, and Samuel Palmer. Once described as a ‘dreary mountainous tract', their depictions of its hills, tors, and rivers altered public perception until many considered it the epitome of the picturesque. The coming of the railways to Dartmoor brought greater numbers of visiting tourists, prompting locally-based artists such as William and F. J. Widgery to create immensely-popular landscapes, which were reproduced as postcards and railway posters specifically aimed at this newly-emerging market. Dartmoor: a Wild and Wondrous Region included works from RAMM's own collection, alongside loans from several British museums and galleries and rarely-seen works from private collections.

Copyright is Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery
Exeter photographs by Matt Austin

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