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Chichester Cathedral


Chichester Cathedral


Visitor interpretation & fund raising programme


This 900 year old cathedral welcomes visitors through its doors – worshippers, seekers, tourists – people of all faiths and none. They all bring with them their joys and sorrows to share with their own particular spiritual support.

Named The Holy Trinity it is the centre of the Sussex Community it serves and it is particularly well known for its extensive modern art sitting side by side with its medieval fabric reflected in its windows, its paintings and its ceremonial furnishings.

This magnificent building commands the prime position in the City and is the focal point for all the activities that take place each year and it is the  combination of ancient and modern that helps everyone experience a very special ‘sense of place’ that is embodied within the whole estate, including   the Cloister Garden, the Close and the Bishop’s Palace.


Unusually in today’s world entry to visitors is free and everyone who comes to Chichester is encouraged to spend time out to reflect and refresh. Our designers and the Cathedral Chapter, supported by the Cathedral’s ‘Friends’ designed a new visitor route which begins and ends in the North Aisle where the purpose and works of the building and its Diocese are described, the main architectural, monuments, arts and artefacts are introduced in ways that engage the young and old. More importantly the presentation of The Holy Trinity, using 3-sided displays and graphic resolves moves people to donate to support the on-going maintenance of the fabric and to avoid the introduction of entry charges.

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