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The University of Plymouth's Careers and Employability Service was given a prominent new position in the flagship Roland Levinsky building following a decision by senior managers and academics to better promote this service to its undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as external stakeholders and potential employers. The large ground floor space had previously been used as a student common room and counselling area. Its unique position within the university’s ‘front of house’ building, made it an ideal place to significantly improve the profile and visibility of the Careers Service to these various target audiences.


Working within the University’s brand guidelines, we created a distinctive ‘look and feel’ for the service. Working with members of the careers and employability team, we developed a concept around ‘career journeys’ which was fully realised as a giant map wall graphic spanning approximately 5 metres in length. The ‘cartographic’ and’ journey’ themes were also translated and applied to graphics in the entrance ways, and within externally facing illuminated window graphics. A striking colour palette of dark blues, yellow and bright orange combined with the confident use of large typography gives real impact, particularly at night, when the illuminated lettering can be clearly seen from some distance.

We very much wanted a fluid space that could look different every time someone came in, with furniture that flowed and curved to complement the curved edges of the pods. Above all the remit was to be high profile so that people knew that there was a Careers & Employability Service and what happened in that space without needing to walk in to find out. Working with the design team was a really positive experience

Shirley Walker - Head of Careers & Employability, University of Plymouth

The interior furnishings were particularly chosen to help break up the large room, into smaller more intimate spaces, in which the staff and students could review and make use of the resources available. It was important however, that all the furnishings were movable, in order to open the space out to accommodate larger gathering, such as careers fares etc. Window displays hold details of the various jobs and employment opportunities available. The specific details are printed onto specially designed templates which also carry the Careers Service branding. A number of large digital screens also convey information via a number of ‘branded’ Powerpoint slides.

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