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Why invest in a new website?

8th September 2014 by toucan team

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Websites have changed, their purpose being re imagined every day. They are not just a marketing tool anymore. They are shifting towards becoming a conversational hub for your stakeholders. That means transforming the design and functionality to reflect a very web savvy prospect/customer. Websites are becoming more and more central to whether your brand will be successful in the future. Here's a few pointers to provide some pragmatic direction:

1. Your business has changed - and thereby your website's purpose has too. If you're site is operating a little like its stuck in 2008, then you're definitely in need of a change. Chances are that its literally a brochure online with little opportunity for your users to engage and interact with it/you. It will have lots of stock photography, no video on the homepage and most of the time you will refer to web pages not web screens. Finally, it will be all about your product offerings not brand stories and conversations.

2. Your website isn't bringing a return on investment or performing. No excuses now, the internet is 25 years old, we have had smart phones in the mainstream for 5 years and social media turned 10 earlier this year. We have data analytics to die for. Our marketing predecessors from the 20th Century would have given their right/left arm for this stuff. Understanding the user journey, what they want, what they don't want is at our finger tips. We just need to analyse it to be able to provide the insights to improve. Building a website without SEO/digital marketing and regular (and I mean daily) analysis of how its performing is inexcusable.

3. Its not responsive. Check your analytics. If most of your visitors are doing so from a mobile or a tablet. What are you waiting for? The evidence is undeniable - you're probably losing customers as a direct result.

4. Its looks like a bull dog chewing a wasp! The design is a users worst nightmare. They can't find anything within 3 clicks, the navigation gets people lost and your bounce rate is above 35%. As David Gelerntersaid "Beauty is the ultimate defence against complexity." User experience and user inteface were always important but now they are so much more as web users expectations of a website experience have become more sophisticated. Simple, simple, simple.

5. Using your website as the hub of everything you do. Integration is a big thing. Use your website to increase revenue and reduce costs. Nothing drives customers away like a disjointed site that just don’t work correctly and seamlessly across the journey. Use multiple software to improve your overall business. Use it to content manage, use it to improve stock control, use it to improve internal collaboration, use it to improve lead generation, use it to automate services, use it to have more and more conversations with your customers, use it to share real time information.

Welcome to a small part of digital transformation.

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