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Week two at the Toucan Academy

26th July 2018 by Lily Bedingham

My second week at Toucan has been as interesting and challenging (in a good way!) as the first. I've come to realise just how different professional studio work is from University  projects - primarily because you're not designing solely for yourself, but for someone else.

I've continued to work on quite a complex infographic as part of a corporate strategy document for a public sector organisation. I haven't had much previous experience of this sort of infographic work but I'm really pleased with how things have progressed, and I've now moved on to thinking how this schematic sits within the wider strategy document. I've had a good amount of support from other members of the Toucan team, and because we have regular review meetings (crits) I'm able to get team feedback and advice when I need it, and before sending the proofs over to the client. I do feel that I'm already developing my skills and filling in the gaps in my knowledge. I'm really enjoying it here at Toucan and look forward to learning more over the coming weeks.


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