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Week-by-week – waving bye bye!

1st September 2015 by Ollie Eskriett

Graphic Design The Team

I have been with Toucan for about a month and a half. The time has gone very quickly but I felt that I have learnt a lot in this short amount of time, and I’m sure I will learn a lot more within the next few months.

On Tuesday the whole team got together, including Tim Guy and Matt Grocutt from our Cornish studio, for a meeting and lunch. Josh talked a lot (noted! - Ed)... about how we can work together and develop as a team and company.

To keep the creative batteries charged and to try new things we are going to set up a creative area on the toucan website where we can play and produce personal or collaborative work. This is a great way to develop skills without worrying about making mistakes or with a deadline looming over us. It's going to be called 'toco', which is a type of Toucan apparently. Keep your eye on the site for the next few months.

The tide has finally gone out! Well the wave has finally gone off to print, fingers crossed that I got the measurements right! Sending that off to print was fairly nerve-racking as it's a massive graphic. On Wednesday I worked on some material for the 2016 Devon County Show, looking at how the look and feel of the events material could be pushed and made more engaging. I got to work on the Trade Stand promotional folder and was taught by Emily and Josh about how cutter guides are used.

Friday was quieter, as most people seemed to have started the bank holiday weekend early. I spent my time sending a banner advert and brochure off to print. I also spent my day creating caricatures of everyone in the studio. This is a slight side project that will hopefully be uploaded to the Toucan website within the next couple of weeks. I have decided to illustrate everyone using an 8-bit pixel style which links to the digital design side of Toucan. With a little bit of humour each of the characters are representations of each of the team. Lets hope they don’t get offended!

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