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Week by week - fuelled by caffeine!

17th August 2015 by Ollie Eskriett

The Team Graphic Design

Teamwork is a major element in keeping the studio running, but tea and coffee seems to be just as important. I thought I drank a lot of tea until I started at toucan, there seems to be a daily (if not hourly) ritual of making hot drinks to maintain the workflow.

On Monday and Tuesday this week I worked up the gigantic wave graphic (mentioned in my last post) to a high enough standard to be sent over to the client for approval. Once approved I can add a few final touches to finish it off if necessary. I also worked on a number of smaller projects making amendments and corrections etc.

This week I have been working alongside Emily and Josh creating the graphics for the time line for the Marine Academy in Plymouth. The timeline is roughly 50m in length and is a real challenge. We have to work out scale, where the graphics will sit in relation to doors, windows and fixtures and how much space to give each century.

On Wednesday I finalised some of the research for the timeline and looked for some key dates that related to Maths and English. One of the things that I researched into was the origin of the days of the week, which happen to come from a mixture of Roman and Norse.

On Thursday I took a little break away from the timeline, as I had to work on amendments for another smaller project, by stepping away and working on something else allows you to come back with recharged batteries and a fresh mind. This is something I wish I could have done more of at university, as there were a few occasions where my mind went blank, even if I did a personal project I think it would have helped.

Friday consisted of me doing some drawing for the timeline. There are several key dates that are being blown up to a large scale in order to make the timeline more engaging for the students and ultimately help to inspire their own projects. Each 'key date'  is being are treated graphically differently, mixing photography, typography and illustration. I created illustrations for two of the dates - Archimedes Principle (250BC) and the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 - 1902 AD).

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