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Week-by-week – charging the batteries

24th August 2015 by Ollie Eskriett

Graphic Design The Team

This week I have been working on a mixture of projects of various size, I have been working on and finalising a 12-page brochure, this was a great exercise for building up my editorial and typesetting skills, I then had to take the style from this brochure and apply it to a large format banner, keeping a level of consistency to link the two together. I worked on a few timelines, the big wave (as mentioned in previous blog posts) and a little in-house project.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I revamped and refreshed some Illustrations to make them fresh and engaging for the current time and audience. With a small library of illustrations that needed to change, I had to look for possible ways in which the images can be manipulated quickly and easily but retain their flexibility when working with documents and type.

On Thursday I got to work on another timeline, producing an Illustration for the Great Storm of 1703, this was fairly difficult as I tried to replicate a style that was found in that period of time. With some care and a bit of research, I think I managed to achieve something on the same line. I also got to start work on a little in-house project turning each of the team into caricatures of themselves, to make it more fitting to our digital design I have decided to turn everyone into 8 bit pixel characters, (hopefully I wont offend anyone!!).

On Friday I had to finalise the Giant wave that I have been working on, tweaking it slightly for the client and turning it to vector form so it can be infinitely scalable, this was a slight worry as I wasn’t quite sure how illustration would change and turn out. Thankfully it went smoothly and we have a graphic that can be scaled to the size of a football pitch without losing quality! By adding additional information about the formation of waves the graphic has been turned into an educational yet engaging illustration.

Refreshing my creative batteries...
I often look at blogs or online articles on my lunch break or when I arrive at the studio first thing. I feel this helps keep you up to date with the creative scene and inspire you to try new things, whether it be at work or in you free time. I try to look at a broad range of disciplines such as fine art, photography, textiles, industrial design and anything else I can sink my eyes into. I find this gets me thinking about how projects can be approached and how I can develop a broad range of creative skills.

During the weekend I queued up for 4 hours to get into Banksy’s new installation - Dismaland. Created by many artists the work focusses heavily upon political satire, the media and the way we are as a society. The whole bemusement park was cleverly put together with witticisms everywhere you looked, from the small signs and Tannoy messages to the specially trained staff/actors that are there to give you a dismal experience. Though a great day out, the work strikes a chord when it comes to ethics, politics, sustainability and culture; which I feel is important for designers to constantly think about and how we can create work that positively changes and influences the world around us no matter how small the project may be.

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