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18th March 2015 by Josh Beadon

The Team Graphic Design

Following on from last week's post regarding the breathtaking amount and incredible diversity of typography that we have all around us, I asked the Toucan team to record some examples of their own. It's an interesting and eclectic mix as you'd expect...

The hours of work that must have gone into creating these letterforms amazes me – we take it for granted today that we can create words within seconds by hitting a key or changing the font … Anne

No one likes Comic Sans - Harriet

I know it’s cheesy but I like the way Google have created the M of Mail as an envelope, basically explaining what the word is all about - and so easily recognisable - Sue

Old bus destination roll, these are real names - Harriet

This font is well over 120 years old, any yet to me it still appears to be fresh and modern - Henryk

What's not to like about old enamel signage? - Harriet

Hand drawn type that I created, perhaps thats why I like it :-) Harriet

Old British Railways signage, reminds me of being a kid - Stephen

Soap and Glory is a brand with a very distinct look and feel, and they use strong typography that works well to reflect the brand’s ethos of Retro but with a modern twist - It is clear and simple typography that compliments the rest of the branding and really stands out on the shelf at Boots! - Fiona

When you start looking there are dozens of hidden typographic gems dotted around - this heavily weathered sign is one such example - Josh

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