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Tough Mudder 2013

23rd September 2013 by Josh Beadon

The Team Corporate Responsibility

Having just completed a 12-mile assault course for charity in the beautiful Black Mountains of Wales, teamwork and camaraderie has never meant so much.

The ‘Tough Mudder South West’ challenge combined 21 obstacles designed by the Special Forces with a cross-country course, where the ‘Arctic Enema’, ‘Electric Eel’ and ‘Mud Mile’ were thrown into the mix!

In a team of three, relying on others and ourselves was very necessary, putting our lives literally into the hands of the pros!

At Toucan, we certainly strive to take on any design or digital challenge you can throw at us, and we’ll guide you past the obstacles to meet your goals. We are about co-creation and dedication, exceeding expectations wherever possible.

No one can say we didn’t embrace the Toucan philosophy of being ‘Creative Together’ at the Tough Mudder – our strategies involved standing on strangers’ shoulders to scale the walls, carrying new friends through the ‘mud melee’ and adopting a new team mate en-route who was having trouble.

We crossed the finish line together and are looking forward to the next challenge. 2014 training starts soon!

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