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The Joyce Girl

13th June 2016 by Josh Beadon

We are delighted to have designed the cover for ‘The Joyce Girl’, Annabel Abbs’ debut novel which has already received an enormous amount of interest and fantastic reviews prior to its official launch on 16th June.

The Publishers, Impress Books, asked us to create the cover for this compelling story of twisted love and misfortune.  The design uses a montage of imagery to build up the scene, setting the tone and era. Every detail of the cover was carefully chosen to build a portrait of the central character Lucia - from the patterned wallpaper to the distinctive rounded glasses and journal found on the chair. Even the typeface was carefully chosen to evoke bohemian Paris of the 1920s.

When asked, Rachel Singleton from Impress Books said, “We were delighted with Toucan’s design. The reflection of Lucia in the mirror perfectly represents her role as a muse for her father and as a whole captures the undertone of anguished turmoil that Lucia experiences as she is caught between Joyce and Beckett. It evokes both the vibrancy of the period and the dislocation that accompanied it. It was also a fantastic choice of colour and the finished product really stands out on the shelf – Toucan have done a wonderful job!”
Ollie, who joined Toucan as part of our design academy (which offers graduates the chance to gain valuable commercial experience in the design industry) was the designer who worked on this and we asked him for his thoughts: “this was the first of hopefully many book covers that I was given to design. I really enjoy image making and building up narratives within a single image, so this project came naturally to me, making it a great one to work on and a chance for me to indulge my passion for making illustrations”
The Joyce Girl is published on the 16th June 2016 and can be found in Waterstones, selected book stores and online at Amazon. The Author, Annabel Abbs studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia and she lives in London and Sussex with her husband and four children.  She is currently completing her second novel, based on the life of Frieda Von Richthofen, wife and muse to D H Lawrence.
We wouldn’t be surprised if Ollie is already secretly working on cover ideas!

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