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So what about 2016?

22nd December 2015 by Josh Beadon

It is a common human trait to contemplate what the future might hold as we approach this time of the year. Resolutions will made as we reflect upon any personal and professional shortcomings of the previous months, and a proliferation of blog articles will be written that will endeavour to ‘predict’ what the next 12 months will herald.

Those who work in the communication industries will be engulfed in deluge of articles by experts offering their opinions and advice. Some will almost certainly focus upon the new technologies that will emerge, whilst others will aim to ‘look at the bigger picture’ and ‘paint the business landscape for 2016’.

So should I join in? Well ‘yes’ of course I should. Here are my five points for 2016:

  1. Simplify– it will be businesses that understand their customers, who make life simpler for them, and who demonstrate honesty and transparency who will be the winners in 2016.
  2. Consistency– customers now expect a consistent and high quality experience whether this is in person, through a digital device or via traditional media. This is the age of the ‘empowered consumer’ so those who put their customers at the heart of their business will flourish.
  3. People– businesses that recognise that ‘people buy from people’ and who invest in their human resources will be those that will see sustained growth
  4. Communication – the barriers between the physical and digital worlds have become weaker so knowing your communication channels and ensuring they are kept consistent is vital to maintain continued brand loyalty.
  5. Technology – new technology continues to be a major driver. User experience is king. Employing technologies and platforms that help businesses to engage with, listen to and react to customers will continue to be important. Video is likely to see continued growth, as is the use of geo-locating technologies in mobile devices such as i-beacons etc. ­

So there we have it, my thoughts for what’s going to be important and relevant in 2016. Happy New Year!

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