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My First Week at the Toucan Academy

9th July 2018 by Lily Bedingham

It felt extremely daunting leaving university to begin with because, like many other graduates, I realised that getting experience in a professional working environment was the next big step for my career. The graphic design industry is really competitive and therefore getting the right experience is so important - there are bound to be gaps in my knowledge that need to be filled and many more skills that I need to learn - so finding a good first position seems essential.

During my first week at Toucan (within their academy scheme) I felt that I really experienced what it was like to be working within a professional environment and how important it was to understand the client brief in order to creatively realise their needs. At the start of my first week I worked on some initial visual identity concepts for an academic marketing initiative. This was an exciting first brief as I particularly like branding and identity and this opportunity allowed me to experiment with a wide range of ideas stimulated by the client and the other members of Toucan. Once this project had been sent over to the client for their thoughts, I was set a new project, which was slightly out of my comfort zone as I had to realise a complex commercial strategy as an infographic - a complete schematic plan on a single page. I hadn’t experimented much with infographics at University, however I'm enjoying the challenge and I'm determined to learn as much as possible about the commercial industry whilst I'm at Toucan. Overall it's been a great first week or so.

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