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My first month at Toucan

10th August 2018 by Lily Bedingham

During my first month at Toucan I feel that I have really begun to learn what it means to be a professional graphic designer working in the creative industry.

In just a month I have worked on multiple projects ranging from a complex corporate infographic document to a large-scale university recruitment campaign. These larger jobs have been interspersed with quite a few quicker turnaround jobs, which is a very different experience to the way in which our projects at University were done. Each of these projects has given me the opportunity to develop my skills, learn new things and I’ve enjoyed the variety immensely. Being part of the Toucan Academy has boosted my confidence massively, it’s given me the opportunity to see my designs being used in the real world, which is extremely rewarding. As a new university graduate, I didn’t think this opportunity would come around so quickly.

During my time here at Toucan, my new colleagues have supported me and helped me to make the transition from university to professional work as smooth as possible. They’ve helped me to expand my knowledge, develop my skills and overcome every problem that I’ve been presented with, whether that be a challenging design brief or working with difficult content. I've also discovered quite a few ‘tricks of the trade’. 

It’s fair to say that my first few weeks at Toucan have been interesting, challenging and rewarding in equal measure, and I’m confident that the next month will continue in the same way.

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