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Mobiles, websites and your SEO ranking

26th October 2016 by Stephen Wagstaff

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You may recall in 2015 Google released a new algorithm (a process or set of rules)  designed to boost mobile friendly web pages in SEO rankings. This was a very significant change to the way Google ranked websites.

In May this year they fully rolled out the second version of the mobile friendly update, boosting the mobile friendly algorithm.   Technically it’s purpose is supposed to ‘increase the effect of the [mobile friendly] ranking signal’. If you had updated your site to be mobile friendly, or your site was already mobile friendly, you should not have noticed any changes when this was rolled out.

Google’s mobile friendly algorithm works as a page by page signal, so depending on how quickly Google crawls and indexes the pages on your site, it may have taken some time to notice any changes to your ranking and/or traffic.

Google also announced this month (October) that it has plans to split it’s indexing between mobile and desktop, creating a separate mobile index which will become it’s primary Google index, with the newly separated desktop index not being kept as up to date as the mobile one. These plans have yet to be fully confirmed so we don’t yet know when this will happen or what they fully entail, but this is in line with everything Google has been building towards over the last few years and demonstrates changing user behavior with regards to mobile searches.

If you are not sure if your site is mobile friendly (since Google’s updates we build all our new sites as mobile friendly, but older sites will need updating) contact us and we would be happy to review the site for you and let you have our recommendations.

And remember, the new algorithm is real-time, based on how quickly Google crawls you pages so it is never too late to benefit by updating your site to meet Google’s mobile friendly SEO parameters.  

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