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Making Decisions Over & Over Again...

3rd November 2013 by Josh Beadon


Earlier this week I was listening to Andy McCreadie of Sandler Training recount a story about his father, who throughout his working life got up at 5.15 every morning in order to beat the rush hour traffic of central London.

How did he manage to do that every day? How come he didn't ever flick the alarm onto 'snooze', roll over and sneak another 30 minutes of well-earned sleep?

Andy asked his father that very question and got this reply... "I had made the decision to get up early so I didn't have to make it again and again every morning, I simply got on and did it".

Most of us remake our decisions over and over. Just imagine how much more efficient, productive and effective we would be in our own lives if we shared Andy's Dad's philosophy and resolve? 

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