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Delivering social media value

22nd January 2014 by toucan team

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Slightly different perspective on why embracing a social media communications approach can be worthwhile:

Brand Recognition – One of the most powerful ways to use social media is as a brand-building tool. With social media, you get to decide how you want to position your company and what you want people to know about what you do. With consistent effort and great content, you can build a reputation for your brand around your company’s values, benefits, and advantages.

Repeat Exposure – There is an old marketing adage that says it takes six to eight exposures to a product before a customer decides to buy. A clear benefit of social media is repeat exposure with your network. You have the opportunity to remind them over and over again about what you have to offer, which can shorten your sales cycles dramatically. However, don't bomabard them with crap.

Authority – In a B2B and B2C environment, social media can be very powerful in helping you establish authority in your field—making you the go-to resource for your target audience to seek out for help. Share great content, answer questions, and serve your audience, and you will inevitably build loyal followers.

Influence – As your following increases, your influence grows. Having a substantial social media audience creates a snowball effect that can attract new customers, media interviews, joint venture partnerships, and all kinds of other opportunities.

Website Traffic – Many people don’t realise that social media can be a leading traffic generator. When you share blog posts, videos and other content from your website, you give your audience a reason to click through and visit your site. Once there, you have the opportunity to inspire those visitors to take action by inviting them to sign up for your mailing list, make a purchase, or call to schedule a free consultation.

Ahead of the Curve – Whether you realise it or not, your prospects and clients are checking to see if you are engaging in social media. Social media isn’t a fad and it’s not going away. It will increasingly in 2014 become your top priority in marketing activity, if you stay current with activity, your prospects will notice.

Mindshare with Lurkers – There may be days when you wonder if anyone is paying attention to your social media networks. But if your efforts are consistent, we guarantee that more people are paying attention than you realise. Give it time and you’ll start to understand what’s happening behind the anonymity of the internet.

Competitive Advantage – The reality is that most of your competitors aren’t likely doing a very good job with social media (most companies aren’t), which gives you the chance to stand out. Also consider the flip side. If you avoid social media, you leave a big opening that allows your competitors to capture your audience.

Big Wins – While many businesses large and small are trying to justify the cost and time investment for managing social media marketing, an important benefit often gets overlooked: Big Wins. For example, if someone from LinkedIn connects you with a significant government contract, then that would certainly qualify as a Big Win. If a major media outlet finds you on Twitter and interviews you for a national article, then that is also a Big Win—one that you can’t measure based on revenues directly generated.

Delivery of this can only be done through a deliberately engineered strategic plan that is specifically designed to optimise your social performance and enrich your experience of creating exceptional experiences for people. It’s a refreshing approach that integrates the plan into your existing business objectives with specific targets and key performance indicators.

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