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Build A Degree

16th September 2013 by Josh Beadon

User Experience Digital Development Graphic Design

Over the summer, we embarked on an original online project for the University of Exeter Business School to enable students to ‘Build A Degree’. The aim of the project was to provide students with information about modules available to them within their chosen degree programme and encourage them to plan ahead when choosing their options.

With a huge emphasis on designing for the student experience, we tackled the project from an end-users’ point of view, stripping out elaborate design concepts in favour of an innovative navigation and simple yet impactful graphics.

Built upon a complex logic-based system, the site embraces a bespoke content management system for administrators that contains an index of all of the programmes and modules offered by the Business School. Each module has the ability to assign information such as course codes, terms, years, credits, descriptions, as well as highly customised dependencies relating to other modules within the programmes.

Students are presented with information tailored to them on a user-friendly interface, which is easily amendable and instantly updatable. As well as providing a more engaging tool for communication, the ‘Build A Degree’ project is effectively assisting students in making more informed decisions.

From a business perspective, it is helping to reduce numbers of problematic late course changes, ensuring staff time is spent more efficiently and the economic impact of course alterations is minimised. At present, the ‘Build A Degree’ website is being utilised within the University of Exeter Business School, with plans to expand usage to other schools within the year.

If you are from a university or education establishment interested in licensing a similar product, please contact Creative Director Josh Beadon on 01392 438463.

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