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Breaking In: Week Two

29th September 2017 by Sam Cooke

Back for post number two, at the end of my second week at Toucan.

My first week brought a host of new challenges and hurdles (both creatively and logistically) but this second week has felt far more settled and familiar. The team are brilliant and have all made me feel at home so quickly.

I've spent more time developing initial concepts for an upcoming exhibition, and pleasingly, these concepts made it through the first client meeting and received positive feedback – after which we extended the plans and mock-ups across the whole gallery for further feedback in a couple of weeks’ time. I'm also working on some interesting typographic treatments for some of the exhibition text, which has the potential to be both expressive and beautiful.

I've also spent a good bit of time working up ideas for a new look for next year's Devon County Show. This work allows me to demonstrate my poster/illustration strengths but I’m still enjoying working on everything equally, no matter the challenge. Just today I’ve started to take on a number of smaller print jobs, these type of projects will help me to develop my speed and accuracy (so feel free to keep sending them my way Emily!). I haven’t had much experience with larger scale clients with high volumes of smaller artworking briefs, iterations and proofs so this will be a great learning curve.

Until next week!

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