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Breaking In: Week Three

9th October 2017 by Sam Cooke

Another week has gone by and everything is running like clockwork; studio “starve” days with a strict no-doughnut policy are being religiously observed by the whole team, everyone has all the relevant content and copy to complete their jobs and Mac OS isn’t causing anyone any problems whatsoever*.

In all seriousness, time is flying past working at Toucan. It might have something to do with the early mornings and long commutes, but the balance of studio and personal work makes sure you’re always thinking about a project. Our Devon County Show work has taken an exciting and refreshing turn which I’m personally quite proud of; being in an environment where everyone shares ideas and constantly receives feedback is massively beneficial to any project, even if it’s just asking for validation on a small idea or design choice. There’s been no shortage of learning opportunities this week either – it’s difficult to prepare for projects which require specific new skills, whether it’s a small InDesign feature or trying to trick Illustrator into making life easier. The exhibition project is also moving along, with our typographic treatments starting to take shape and be placed into the larger visuals. I’m continually grateful for this opportunity and am excited to see where the next week takes me.

*Note: some or all of the above may or may not be false.

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