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Audience Mapping, Audience Insight - No Excuses!

25th September 2014 by toucan team

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No excuses, yes thats right - no excuses. If you have a website or are about to build one, do one thing - conduct the practice of audience mapping. There is nothing more frustrating than building a website based on what the brand wants and not its users/customers/audience.  In fact, I'd go as far to say as its literally negligent. By understanding exactly who your audience is, their behaviours and identifying on the web who is influential within your target market, you can start to gain a deep insight into your potential website and social media audience. That way your ability to build audiences through active engagement becomes a whole lot more efficient and achieveable. Many people build websites, stick Google Analytics on the back end and think 'job done.' Nothing could be further from the truth. By investing time and money you can almost know the inside leg mesurement of individuals following your website, chase up abandoned sales and make contact with people that have been all over your website like a bad rash.

I'll give you an example. I was attempting to buy a box of rather nice vegetables from Riverford Organics recently. I'd gone through the whole online store sales process and was about to hit the 'buy button' when I got distracted by an important phone call. I abandoned the purchase, almost forgetting about it until 7pm that evening when I recieved an ingenious call from the delivery driver. No hard sell just a concerned call as to whether I'd had problems making the purchase and whether I would like a different delivery date. Great service, not big brother, just a interested brand delivering an exceptional customer experience. A customer for life potentially. A sale made.

The process of audience mapping by website managers and digital marketers tends to be quite a manual process, it doesn't need to be. Ad hoc management of data and providing insight isn't an option these days, it needs embedding in your strategy. Competitive advantage will come from knowing more about your customers than your competition. There are many outcomes from strategically implementing a measurement practice:

1. Increase your conversion rates and return on investment.

2. Increase your traffic, cross-sell and revenue opporuntities.

3. Reduce costs by automating. 

4. Improve brand engagement by differentiating offering.

5. Provide accurate visitor data for the digital marketing and omnichannel strategy.

6. Provide unique customer insights that inform marketing tactics.

7. Build a personalised relationship that is based on customer loyalty.

8. Execute search, email and display ad campaigns with personalised recommendations.

9. Extract, segment and target specific customers via multiple social channels. 

10. Measure your social output and optimise your social presence.

11. Target potential customers with personalised content.

Any business/brand owner would say yes to any one of the above benefits. So how do you do it? Well you get/buy yourself a piece of software that does the following:

Customer Analytics: Analysis, reporting, segmentation, deduplication, and simplified analytics across all sites/channel based on user’s needs to analyse customer behavior and trends.
Customer Lifecycle Value: Increase customer value using industry-unique analytics, marketing automation, and customer milestone reporting based on where individuals are in the buying cycle. Leads to increases in customer loyalty and number of purchases per annum etc.
Social Analytics: Monitors and measures social ROI to understand brand engagement, brand monitoring, and the social campaigns that are providing the best results.
Digital Analytics: Digital insights to enhance your digital analytics, optimise marketing campaigns, and extend your focus across all channels including SEO, email performance, content management. Understand who is on your website, where they have been and manage the sales process in chasing leads generated by the website.

Some 92% of executives from firms that are applying big data tactics to their businesses said they are satisfied with the results, according to new research by Accenture. Another 89% of respondents rated big data as “very important” or “extremely important” to their businesses’ digital transformation, and 82% agreed big data provides a significant source of value for their companies. Huge value I might add. You wouldn't buy a car without being able to afford the fuel and so don't build a website without the analytical data behind it that will drive unique competitive advantage in terms of understanding customers

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