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A year as a junior creative

1st August 2016 by Ollie Eskriett

I have now been living and working in Exeter for just over a year, and my time at here at Toucan has flown by without any trace of slowing down. The breadth of work that I have been given the opportunity to engage with as a junior has been great and thoroughly enjoyable.

So far I have worked on many different sized projects for county shows, schools, football clubs and much more. I have seen most of the work from beginning to end, working directly with clients. Seeing a project from start to finish has enabled me to design, artwork, liaise directly with the clients and send artwork off to print. By doing all of this it has allowed me to grow confidence within my work and myself.

The two projects that I have really enjoyed working on are The Joyce Girl and the Exeter City Football Club Branding and Identity.

The Joyce Girl, written by Annabel Abbs is a book based on the tragic story of Lucia Joyce, the daughter of the Famous writer James Joyce. My task was to create the book jacket for this tale of misfortune. I’m very fond of image making and building narratives within one frame so this project came naturally to me. Everything fitted together like a puzzle to set the time and place.

We don’t always get the opportunity to work together as a team, working on the corporate brand and identity for Exeter City FC allowed us to do exactly that. Together we have developed everything from signage, brand guidelines and logos for the club. My task was to place the created emblems, colours and typography under one umbrella, the brand guidelines. Working together allowed us to bounce ideas of each other and really push the development of the Clubs identity.

Every day is a learning day, whether it is learning a new trick in Indesign or brushing up on my typographic detailing. The main thing that I have learnt over the past year is to be a bit braver. That doesn’t mean over the top with elaborate effects and wild graphics that belong to a limited edition art magazine, to be brave is to communicate to your audience simply and effectively but also holding a level of creative flare; helping your work to stand out.

The choice of staying in the southwest to work and develop as a creative has been the right decision for myself. Many graduates are made to believe that they have to go to London or other major cities to get a good start in the creative industry. I believe that isn’t the case; if you are hardworking and enjoy what you do you can start and progress anywhere.

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